Monday, 20 December 2010


With all the research that I have done, I have come up with the idea of filming my journey on a bus and then creating some characters to add to the footage. I am going to make some characters out of different material and film a few different journeys on the bus or train.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Daydreaming while travelling

Everyone daydreams when they are travelling whether they are on a bus, train or in a car. When you daydream it maybe about the people getting on or off public transport or it could be all the noise that you here like people taking to each other or on the phone also maybe they are listening to music and you can hear every word.

You may look out of the window and look at the surroundings and think about whether certain things should be there like when you are on a train you may see graffiti or plants that have been planted in certain place to make the view look better. When you look out of the window on a bus you see people walking by, fields and peoples houses, some of the views are really nice to look at.