Friday, 29 October 2010

My Dream World

  • A happy peace full place

  • Full of love and friendship

  • Full of magical things

  • People and pets never die

  • No poor people

  • Magical powers

  • happy and never sad

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dreams & Sigmund Freud

Dreams and different dreams states Everyone dreams whether it is a daydream or a sleep dream. These fantasy worlds that we dream about can be wonderful places to escape from the real world and there problems.
Sigmund Freud researched about dreams with his work The Interpretation of Dreams. Freud researched into the theory and science behind dreams and all the different dream states, he discovered that we repress things during the day and when we sleep we relax and the dreams we have repressed during the day end up in your dreams.
"Dreams', he claimed, 'are often most profound when they seem most crazy" people seem to get more inspiration if their dreams are crazy or of something strange as this is usually something that you remember when you wake up, depending on te dream this may never happen.
Sigmund Freud has influenced so may people like Salvador Dali with his 'Dream' work and Andre Breton who is the leading thearist of the movemnet Surrealism.

Their are many different dream states like:
Daydreams which are classified as a level of consciousness between sleep and a wake, studies show that we daydream for 70-120 minutes a day.
False awakening dreams are when you think you have woken up and done your normal routine, only to wake up "again" to wake up and realise it was all a dream.
Lucid dreams are when you know you are dreaming and as soon as you realise you are dreaming you end up waking up.
Nighmares are a scary dream that causes you to wake up feeling scared and frightened, this could be because something traumatic happened.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Fantasy World

I thought about creating my own fantasy world that would be brigh and colourful, maybe a short film of real life surrounding's and then make an avatar of my self as or some creatures as the character.

What makes a fantasy world?

  • The fantasy landscape and natural world.

  • Races, societies and creatures.

  • Religions and magics.

  • Writing techniques and consideration for the fantasy author

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Memories & Loss

I thought I could make a video of memories and loss. I could film bright happy clouds for memories and add an animation to that, for loss I would film dark clouds like at night and add animation to this and play them both along side each other so you would be able to see them both at the same time.




Advertising Campaign

I looked at D&AD briefs for ideas for my project and I saw this. They had a brief which was to design some new labels for Becks Vier and now they are wanting a new TV advertising campaign to advertise the new designs.

3D Light Scanning

3D light scanning is a perfect way of analyzing the real world as you are able to scan any 3D object like a sculpture or a human.

Computational Photography

Computational photography is a computer image processing, so you take multipule photographs of the same subject matter and then on the computer you then over layere the images to make a complete image. On all the photographs taken are slightly different because of the angel of light but the distance between where the photographs were take has to be the same for all of the images.