Wednesday, 11 May 2011


This Dream film is made from one of the dreams that someone had and I used the characters that I handmade as the actors. The dream needs a couple of adjustment making and I also need to bring all the other footage together for my other dreams which will take a little longer to do.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Practicing Controlling The Marionette

I bought this emu marrionette so I could practice with the maneuvering of the puppet. This is my first practice with the marionette puppet, it is hard to maneuver but it will take more practice and time to get the movements right. I am going to practice loads more and see how it goes.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Marionette History

Marionettes started becoming more popular around the 15th century as they were used for entertainment, the marionettes were used to tell stories of what happened in other cities to the people of faraway lands.
By the 18th century the marionettes had gained even more popularity around the world as a medium for spreading news and as a form of entertainment for children and adults a like. Carved from wood and dressed in fancy materials these dancing puppets were known as an art form.

Gerry Anderson is a famous puppeteer who used a marionette system called super marionette. This system is most well known for many science fiction movies and television shows. Most recognised of which is Thunderbirds.

Pietro Radillo from Italy, he is considered to be a master of the craft. He expanded from a two string control to an eight string control for marionette, this improved the control of the individual body parts.

Monday, 28 March 2011


A marionette is a puppet that is maneuvered by strings, typically these strings are attached to two pieces of wood that are nailed together to form a cross. The puppeteer moves the to make the marionette move. Some marionettes are made so they can even move their hands or make small hand motions, but these are complicated to make and difficult to maneuver.

How to work a Marionette.

Step 1: Practice handling the marionette puppet ( they are very life like in their reactions but manipulating them takes practice and time)

Step 2: Stand above the marionette in a comfortable position

Step 3: Align the marionette so that the strings are not tangled together

Step 4: Begin with basic movements: sitting, walking, lifting one leg and then the other and lifting one arm and then the other

Step 5: Continue practicing until you feel more comfortable combining the different movements together

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Special Study

For my special study I am looking into what marionette puppets are and the history behind them, also I am going look into how the puppets work. I will practicing with the marionette as this will take a lot of time and practice

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Green Screen

Green screen is a really good way to film piece that would be hard to act as you can do anything on the green screen and then you can add any image of film clip to the background. You can make your own Green screen buy using green material and planty of lights or a card board box painted green with planty of lights.

This is a short video of one of my characters walking which I have used in my Daydream short film that I made using the footage of travelling on the bus.